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Here is a list of those families in Our Family Center who have chosen to display their family line publicly to help other family members in their family locate them. Click the administrator's name to send a message.

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Family Name



David Bergt

David Bickford Family

David Bickford

The Bickfords

Gary Bickford

Keith Bobbitt's family

Keith Bobbitt

Klaw/Brandt Family

Tracy Brandt

Robert Lockie Family

Shirley Decker

Miles Foley's family

Timothy Foley

Frank/Harris/Henry/Carden Family

Daniel Frank

Cave/Mills/Juntunen/Lafferty families

Connie Gheer

Godwin Family

James Godwin

Andrews/Green Family

Amy Green

Werner Grossmueller's family

Werner Grossmueller

Clark Hunt's Family

Clark Hunt

Kaina Huri's Family

Kaina Huri

Jouni Koistinen's Family

Antti Koistinen

Ari Koistinen's Family

Ari Koistinen

Arto Koistinen's Family

Arto Koistinen

Esko Koistinen's Family

Esko Koistinen

Karl Koistinen's Family

Karl Koistinen

Kimmo Koistinen's Family

Kimmo Koistinen

Liisa Koistinen's Family

Liisa Koistinen

Martin Koistinen's Family

Martin Koistinen

Pentii Koistinen's Family

Pentti Koistinen

Risto Koistinen's Family

Risto Koistinen

Tero Koistinen's Family

Tero Koistinen

Lam's, Ng's, and Tang's Family

Teresa Lam

Barbara Latonie's family

Barbara Latonie

Beryt Nisenson's Family

Beryt Nisenson

Paulhamus' Family

Joseph Paulhamus


Christine Quaal

Sears Family

Raymond Sears

Don Skipton's Family

Donald Skipton

Frances Clan

Frances Skipton

Usitalo Family

Thomas Usitalo

Eller - Whaley Family

Ethan Whaley

Stanley Ervin Williams's family

Stanley Ervin Williams